Hooded Robin
Hooded Robin

Hooded Robin

Created: 2013.06.01


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2013.08.07 - 08:53
We are the champions my friend!
2013.07.25 - 17:58
wow it been a while that i been on here well yeah 32 members wow thats a lot

2013.07.27 - 03:17
yeah I know right
2013.07.17 - 16:28
30 members! nice
2013.07.11 - 23:25
29 members!
2013.07.07 - 01:29
Welcome to our newest members!
2013.07.04 - 07:32
Happy Fourth of July!
2013.07.03 - 04:25
Really weird question but shouldn’t their be more to clans? I know it is called "clan wars" which sounds really neat, but their isn’t much benefit to being in a clan. It would be neat if you could actually attack other clans somehow, and earn points for your score(for example: a player from a clan attacking a player from another clan, and getting points added to their score to win, but it is not possible to lose points from your player score). Also it would be neat if you actually got some points every week from being in a good clan(for example, if your clan is in third place, every member of that clan gets +500 points added to their score every week, 2nd +750 points, and 1st +1,000 points). I think if their were special bonuses added that everyone would be more motivated to start/join clans. Of course their could be a lot more amazing things that clans could have/slash give you(for example, what if you could get certain badges for being in a third place clan, or even just being in a clan). This is one last crazy idea, what if your clan could earn badges? Badges for your clan! These would be special badges only for your clans, that add points to your clan power(We got the power clan badge, your clan at least has 10,000 power, and then the badge would award power points to the clan, and the clan would have its own badge page, just like every player does. Just to let everyone know this is just another one of my crazy ideas, but I really think clans deserve to have more/be more to do with clans, and more benefits for players.

2013.07.03 - 04:26
This massive comment is not a review :D
2013.07.01 - 23:20
Note For All Players: All players are now aloud to join our clan.
2013.06.30 - 20:12
Oh hey Nick-Rider, welcome to the clan!
2013.06.30 - 09:40
I wish you the best of luck with repairs.