Polish Gamers
Polish Gamers

Polish Gamers

Created: 2013.05.31


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Witam! Zapraszam wszystkich bardzo serdecznie do mojego polskiego klanu!!! :"D

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2019.01.09 - 21:12
hi guys! how do I join this clan
2016.11.25 - 21:45
encourage spam
2014.06.24 - 19:02
2013.12.22 - 06:13
We are now at war. It’s official.
2013.12.22 - 05:11
Merry Christmas!
2013.07.04 - 07:32
Happy Fourth of July!
2013.06.13 - 03:42
Want more badges? Me too! It would be so cool if we had a lot more different badges to earn here on playspal like first comment badge, reach score 100 badge, reach score 1,000 badge, join or create a clan badge, badge for having an account, badge for having one friend, and much more! So if you want more ways to earn badges and would like more badges in existence please send a message to the playspal profile page, and come up with your own badge ideas too!
2013.06.11 - 19:42
hello I am lonestar8555 and how might u be doing
2013.06.02 - 20:47
hey Lets get Levels (like level 1 you will be a caveman/girl, level 2 would be like knights and so on) come on and spread the word

2013.06.07 - 21:03
Do you mean rankings in clans such as commanders , generals, and members?