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New cool stuff

Published date: 2013.05.31

By the first day of summer, we have prepared a lot of updates for you.
- The site added clans. It`s a groups of players united with each other.
- Now users can send each other private messages and add friends.
- Player profile began to look a little different. It appeared subsections with detailed player statistics.
- Any game can now be added to favorites.

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2017.10.16 - 15:07
nice day so her on fixing badges!
2013.06.29 - 09:10
Nice job so far on fixing badges!
2013.06.11 - 01:59
Could you please fix some of the badge award bugs. Some of the badges which were never awarded to me are: One head - Complete 3 levels, Gems collection 2 - Complete 5 levels, Stupid robot - Die 10 times, No more boxes - Complete all levels, Master of deactivation - Complete 6 levels, Simple star - Collect 30 stars, Perfect probe - Complete all levels, Probe master - Complete 8 levels

2013.06.11 - 05:57
Thanks jfowler I am missing some badges as well. One head- Complete 3 levels(many people missing this, the people who have the other 2 from this game deserve the first one too) Rocket Game 2: Space Survivor; Grand Space Destroyer: Kill 250 enemies(I did, I killed 310 of them and it asked me to sign up) Square Invaders; Grand Square: Kill 250 enemies(I did I killed exactly 277 enemies, asked me to sign up. Bomb Delivery; Hard delivery: Earn 15000 score(I think everyone is missing this one) Jelly Tower: Seasons; Jelly autumn: Complete 3 levels in autumn season(Completed this more then once) Jelly Tower Planets; Jelly saturn: Complete 3 levels in saturn season(Completed this more then once) Nerd vs Zombies: Survive; Blue zombies killer: Kill 50 blue zombies Nerd vs Zombies 2; Lot of zombies; Lot of zombies: Complete 5 levels and Horde of Zombies: Complete all levels(have completed game more than twice) This might actually be the only ones you guys owe me, I’ve earned them all. Total badges missing: 9(also missing a few monster badges from Space Croissant, but I am not worrying about that now)
2013.06.02 - 23:13
New idea for clans to improve them: 1.Have a chat box just for the clan and it is easy to chat back and forth. 2. Rankings in Clans(Idea help on this one from gijoe). First there is leader, then general, then commander, then member(rookie). The leader chooses the ranks for each player. 3. To tell wether a person is online or not(this is for jsut in general) have a green light around the player’s avatar meaning they are online and a red light around a player’s avatar indicating they are not online(not submitted as a review).

2013.07.02 - 23:40