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New look of playspal

Published date: 2013.04.24

Playspal in a new format! Short list of new features that you like:

- Rating of the best players in the last week;
- Complete catalog of all the available achievements and unique badges;
- All your unlockerd badges will checked by little icon;
- Players can now exchange messages in profile pages;
- A new section with games for iPhone and iPad;

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2016.06.23 - 16:28
2013.05.28 - 11:56
now need more games
2013.05.23 - 22:00
keep it up.
2013.05.23 - 07:45
Good if you can reduce ads and fix badge issues please let me know, otherwise everything is good! Nice job playspal.

2013.05.29 - 17:01
i don’t like ads too, but it’s a necessary