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Playspal day 2012

Published date: 2012.10.14

October 14 of 2009, three years ago, we launched the first version of Playspal. At that time on the site was less than ten games and there were no achievements and badges.Since that time, every year we are celebrating our birthday in place with our members.
Visit in our birthday to earn unique badge and 100 extra points!

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2012.10.14 - 09:45
happy birthday playspal i hope u get more fame and u get the best website of fun
2012.10.12 - 23:17
Happy birtday by top-player! ;)
2012.10.12 - 21:00
Happy birthday Playspal! Continue making great games. :D
2012.10.12 - 20:06
Happy Birthday Playspal! I have been trying to post my message, hope this time it’s gonna be posted..
2012.10.12 - 18:10
Happy birthday to us! =)