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Playspal revival

Published date: 2013.04.24

Since January 2013 was not available for the players. All social functions have been disabled, badges and comments were not available and new games have ceased to appear.
Now the work site completely reconditioned, and interesting features become even more! Playspal had a new look, the site has a section with games for the iPhone and iPad, there are new ways to earn points and badges. We want to celebrate the revival of the site along with you, and we create a new unique badge, which will have users who are logged on to 2013 and returned back to us. To get the badge just sing in with your old account.

Thanks to everyone who stayed with us and to everyone who joined us!

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2013.10.15 - 23:59
you misspelled something
2013.06.15 - 17:21
2013.05.09 - 09:32
finally it works