Hairless Adventurer
Hairless Adventurer

Hairless Adventurer

Date released: 2013.06.14  /  Gameplays: 71507
Help the adventurer to collect all the stars on each level. For this you will have to disassemble the walls and rearrange the blocks. Press the space bar to pick up the block.

Review of Hairless Adventurer: A slightly challenging physics-based game, and an amazing one too! In this game you take control of a bald guy(who yes looks like a video game character named Heavy)who is strong enough to move heavy blocks(yes "heavy", the irony). I really think Playspal should make more of these games, because this one was amazing. It was fun to interact with the environment by moving blocks around. (c) Rychip

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Three blocks
Three blocks
Complete all levels
Two blocks
Two blocks
Complete 7 levels
One block
One block
Complete 4 levels

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2014.05.01 - 19:29
water drop
2014.03.21 - 18:23
I am Adam Sandler and I like this game
2014.02.28 - 21:12
it looks fun
2014.02.28 - 00:04
2014.01.06 - 11:49
Looks like heavy from TF2.
2013.12.12 - 18:57
verry fun game
2013.11.29 - 05:40
Man, Level 4 is kind of tough if you dont know how to stack the blocks just right. :)
2013.11.29 - 05:31
Great game for easy leviling up. :)
2013.10.01 - 02:18
not very interessing ...
2013.09.14 - 05:51
Over all this is a very easy game.It should take about 20 minutes or less to beat. You should play this game if you want easy badges as well.
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