Jelly Cat: Level Pack
Jelly Cat: Level Pack

Jelly Cat: Level Pack

Date released: 2013.07.24  /  Gameplays: 14005
New set of levels where you try to help get the jelly-like funny cat to the exit. Hold down the left mouse button and select the destination. Do not forget to collect bonuses each level. Help this nice point, without it you can not cope!

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Jelly cat
Jelly cat
Complete all levels
Jelly kitty
Jelly kitty
Complete 5 levels
Jelly pussy
Jelly pussy
Complete 2 levels

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2016.03.05 - 17:36
Plop Mew This game is awesome, the background and all the colours,so rainbowcoolish! However the cat is hard to aim and you have to try again again and again until you finished it. It would have been better if the aiming bit is a bit high. Also there should be upgrades to the cat like bounce higher and no slipperyness and some others for the cat, also needs score badges and there should be moving platforms or bouncy blocks to make this game better. 4/5! :D
2014.03.30 - 06:35
this game is stupid because when i aim the cat up to the coloured things its always falling down. very stupid
2014.02.28 - 20:07
i am mad
2014.02.28 - 20:03
i know write
2014.02.25 - 08:39
Quite hard but its so fun
2014.02.25 - 08:25
So cute very
2013.05.24 - 01:50
hait it

2013.07.20 - 01:12
hait? you mean hate?
2013.05.24 - 01:46
love it

2014.02.25 - 08:25
I agree with you :)
2012.12.12 - 01:20
Hay comment and write the games that are hard to YOU;)
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