Jelly Cat
Jelly Cat

Jelly Cat

Date released: 2013.07.11  /  Gameplays: 17200
Addictive game where your character is a funny cat. Help him to get to the exit, earning bonus points. The game is not as simple as it seems at first glance, due to the fact that the character has a special "jelly-like" shape, but you definitely get help this nice cat.

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Jelly cat
Jelly cat
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Jelly kitty
Jelly kitty
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Jelly pussy
Jelly pussy
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2017.03.10 - 15:29
The game is difficult for me...
2016.05.11 - 06:19
I love cats and jelly the youtuber
2015.10.26 - 23:30
I find a glich i think O_O

2016.05.11 - 06:20
tell me it
2015.04.26 - 23:17
Jelly Cat Review: Difficulty: Hard 5-star rating: 4 Type: Platform/Aiming In this game, you must guide an obese Jelly Cat too the exit, while collecting all the stars. The cat itself is hard to control and sometimes can be a little glitchy. However, the game itself is quite fun and challenging.
2014.05.27 - 12:30
The thing that is hard that when you aim your arrow and you arrow it high but its jump is low
2014.05.04 - 20:59
Imposibble game, ;c
2014.03.06 - 22:17
good game
2013.02.20 - 04:30
i agree with XxUniversalxX
2012.12.08 - 02:25
its like sushi cat-i guess-

2013.07.07 - 06:20
yeah it’s the sushi cat :0
2012.11.13 - 21:40
Second comment hehehehe
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