Buldozer Brothers
Buldozer Brothers

Buldozer Brothers

Date released: 2012.09.28  /  Gameplays: 27188
Two bulldozer brothers working together to get out of the dungeon before it run out of oxygen. Get rid of the stone obstacles, activating the brothers take turns pressing the "space". Help them to clear the way and get out of the cave!

Review of Buldozer Brothers: 5-star rating: 4.8 Difficulty: Medium Help the brothers using both of their vechiles to escap the massive cave in! Be sure to get out before you run out of oyxgen. If you run out of fuel, either vechile, you will be stuck in the cave until you die! Hurry to escape in this fun driving game! Make sure to upgrade vechiles! (c) Rychip

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Super mega buldozer
Super mega buldozer
Earn 50000 score
Mega buldozer
Mega buldozer
Earn 30000 score
Just a buldozer
Just a buldozer
Earn 15000 score

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2013.06.08 - 01:55
best intertainment game so i think it should be rated top 3 in the internet games in the internet good game and upgrades i earned 50000 in the 2 try that is why i and the people think it is the best game in world im glade i played this game and joined this websight so say yes yes yes 10 times
2013.06.08 - 01:48
the best game in the world

2014.03.31 - 15:59
not really
2013.06.06 - 22:29
Fially got jst a buldozer badgeand meg bulozer badge! Thank for fixing this playspal!

2013.06.06 - 22:30
sorry spelled finall wrong :D
2013.06.02 - 04:44
I never reciever just a bulldozer or mega bulldozer even though I scored over 300,000 points(have already scored super megabulldozer before game restarted later and I tried but didn’t give me either badge).
2013.05.29 - 13:18
Just a buldozer
2013.05.21 - 08:04
I wish i had a buldozer xD
2013.04.17 - 16:24
boring but nice
2013.03.04 - 04:44
2012.12.23 - 06:53
easy and fun
2012.12.23 - 04:56
omg this game is so fun and i’m a girl
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