Gem Cannon Deluxe
Gem Cannon Deluxe

Gem Cannon Deluxe

Date released: 2013.05.18  /  Gameplays: 22826
The last part of wonderful trilogy. New crystals, which when ingested, the crystal is split into three parts, and the need to knock out each part separately. Complete 20 challenging levels, make the maximum combo and was incredibly dexterity and precision!

Well, the game is really buggy. My ball went though the gems, and all I needed to do to get a badge is skip level. Not sure if we are supposed to be allowed to skip all the levels. I love that cannon starts to shake after few shots in a row. 2.5/5, without bugs it would be 4/5. Lacks some kind of new balls. (c) Kanekage

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Deluxe gem shooter
Deluxe gem shooter
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Deluxe collection
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First deluxe gem
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2013.06.07 - 19:00
Sometimes my ball just went through the gems. It was okay because I completed the level without them, but is that supposed to be a bug or a feature? If fake gems are a part of the game you should probably make that a bit more clear. It feels more like a bug, especially as they look exactly the same as the other gems as far as I can tell.

2014.03.29 - 12:00
Hey i said that your stupid
2013.05.26 - 23:01
Reveiw of Gem Cannon Deluxe: 5-star rating: 4.2 Difficulty: medium Take control of the cannon again in the new deluxe version. If you thought Gem Cannon 2 was good, this beats it! Careful though, some gems are fake so don’t waste shots on them. The entire Gem Cannon series on playspal is pretty good, nice job playspal.
2013.05.26 - 22:59
I mean this one and the 2nd one are better
2013.05.26 - 22:57
I have played the other 2 very similar but the other 2 are better
2013.05.24 - 02:13
have you played the ather 2
2013.05.22 - 04:44
hats off to you playspal! I idn’t get my badges at first, tried earning them again ad it worked. Thanks playspal, thanks.
2013.05.20 - 09:58
thanks, i fix it now
2013.05.20 - 01:22
Only lets me play to level 8, then says game completed.
2013.05.19 - 03:03
Thank you playspal for bringing back badges!
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