Match World 3D
Match World 3D

Match World 3D

Date released: 2012.12.09  /  Gameplays: 21367
This is a great little puzzle. The task - to remove all combinations of single-color wooden blocks so that at the end of the level on the field, not a single unit.

Small site you got here. I’m sure it’ll do grand things in the near future, but you gotta expand a little more. I thought the angles in this game were great! The graphics were amazing too. But by the time I reached Level 9 the screen goes black and glitches out. Possibly a bug, not to hard to fix I’m sure. But overall a great game. 5/5 (c) Slinkyman

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2018.04.01 - 13:10
its awesome
2016.03.01 - 11:45
all levels muha
2015.09.01 - 13:55
2014.10.28 - 01:57
im on level 7!
2014.10.10 - 00:44
awsome i love puzzles,it can be hard though : )
2014.10.08 - 03:07
this game is so hard
2014.05.04 - 18:08
Super! And difficult sometimes, 5/5.
2014.04.23 - 18:22
Review of Match World 3D: 5-star rating: 4.7 Difficulty: Medium Type: Puzzle, Block Removal A fun block removal game where you must match and remove colored boxes to win each level. But do not leave a single colored box behind or you will have to reset the level. One of playspal’s best games? Yes. It is also a very similar game to Planet of Logic, both same concept, and both very fun.
2014.04.23 - 18:22
This is basically the same thing as Planet of Logic, and I like it for pretty much the same reasons. The 3d graphics look really nice, but it does take just a bit longer to load a level than would be ideal. One other thing is that the blocks all look the same except for color; putting symbols or something on the boxes would have made them more visually distinctive from one another.
2014.04.23 - 18:21
level 5 is insane

2014.10.08 - 03:10
really well, im stuck on a level thats not level 5
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