Mushroom Cloud
Mushroom Cloud

Mushroom Cloud

Date released: 2013.05.31  /  Gameplays: 63471
In this game you have to blow up different worlds. You have in the arsenal of more than thirty different bombs. Small bomb, big bombs, incendiary bombs, explosive bombs. Explode landscapes and enjoy the beautiful effects

great game for just having a good time, i found that some of the bombs are better for destroying large areas, while some are good with precision. the game may be 8 bit but it is still very fun to play. once i started playing i could not stop, my favorite bomb was the scarfizer ( i may have incorrect spelling ) it was fun because i would turn everything yellow then burn it with napalm, guaranteed 100% damage every time. my second favorite bomb was the oxidizer, again it turned everything a certain color, however it doesn’t burn very well, so that is why it is my second favorite bomb, it also offers 100% damage. my third favorite is the last one unlocked, acid splash, it dissolves everything, yet it is not as fun to play with. (c) ur_mom

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30 megatons
30 megatons
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20 megatons
20 megatons
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10 megatons
10 megatons
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2013.07.21 - 05:09
2013.06.23 - 13:23
I love this game but needs a longer and more challenging campain
2013.06.22 - 23:20

2016.02.29 - 00:12
2013.06.15 - 20:47
comment dГ©truire les 3 barils sans dГ©truire les building? o_o
2013.06.13 - 03:28
Fun games playspal, fun new games. Would like to see more games soon with boss battles, and a badge you earn for beating the boss, that would be awesome.
2013.06.08 - 11:41
I think Mushroom Cloud 2 would be nice, or a level pack.

2013.06.23 - 13:34

2013.06.26 - 01:13
yes I like the idea of another Mushroom Cloud where you can make your own levels and have a whole thing full of people’s artwork that you can blow up(it would be amazing to if you could change the color of the pixels, so you could make amazing pictures for people to blow up).

2013.12.09 - 19:50
yeah good idea, i think they should add people to the villages so we can blow them up
2013.06.07 - 17:59
This was a really satisfying game. Destruction is one of those things that’s just inherently fun, and the way the pixels fly everywhere just makes it even cooler. The progression of getting bigger and better ways to destroy everything keeps the whole game fresh. It just keeps getting better and better! I especially enjoyed burning everything!

2013.06.07 - 23:12
I just noticed the picture says "Mashroom Cloud" instead of "Mushroom Cloud."
2013.06.06 - 22:12
Would be very cool if the second edition of this game had a build your own level to blow up your own building, may even be able to start a collection of player made levels in the game for people to play with.
2013.06.06 - 04:00
Excellent game. Cool destructive chemical fueled explosively mental pixelated annihilation.

2013.06.06 - 14:29

2013.06.07 - 07:55
Well said, C.D.C.F.E.M.P.A
2013.06.02 - 06:32
I wish you could blow up gamezgate in sandbox, that would be great! :D

2013.06.02 - 11:45
oh gamezgate it’s like a nightmare for me. year started badly

2013.06.06 - 22:11
:D yeah its okay if you throw out that site, everyone is satisfied with this one.
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