Bomb Delivery
Bomb Delivery

Bomb Delivery

Date released: 2012.09.22  /  Gameplays: 23587
You should as far as possible drop off an explosive missile, thereby obtaining more points. Be careful when passing obstacles, you run the risk of dropping a missile or shake it strongly that bring the moment of explosion or instantly activates the bomb inside her! Excitement is growing in direct parallel to the complexities of the game. Good luck!

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Hard delivery
Hard delivery
Earn 15000 score
Medium delivery
Medium delivery
Earn 5000 score
Easy delivery
Easy delivery
Earn 2500 score

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2015.11.04 - 17:51
Review for Bomb Delivery: I would give this game a 5-star rating. It is a fun game but kind of hard at some points because of the physics in the game. There is points where the bomb didn’t move and it’s health goes down. But overall, it is a good game.
2015.04.26 - 22:09
Review for Bomb Delivery: Difficulty: Intense 5-star rating: 5 Type: Vehicle This game is quite fun but is incredibly difficult. From what I found, this game is endless and has no end goal, so the goal is to transport a bomb as far as possible, but while traveling, you have to make sure it doesn’t fall off your truck. To make the game more difficult, there are some steep hills, and if you move too much or travel to roughly with the bomb, you will set it off! Also, the hard badge for this game is still broken, and hasn’t been fixed.
2014.05.04 - 19:29
2013.07.09 - 18:37
I prefere Mushroom Cloud

2015.04.26 - 22:10
I really like Mushroom Cloud as well, but I don’t think this game is that terrible.
2013.07.09 - 18:37
I don’t like this game

2018.08.18 - 18:32
why any reason?
2013.07.09 - 18:36
It’s very noob game
2013.07.09 - 18:36
Noooooob game
2013.06.11 - 20:10
Hard delivery badge was not awarded

2015.04.26 - 22:11
I wish Playspal would fix it...
2013.06.08 - 12:25
I would not like being the guy driving the truck.
2013.05.20 - 21:21
I scored over 20k but did not get the Hard delivery badge...
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