Moto Star Hunting
Moto Star Hunting

Moto Star Hunting

Date released: 2012.09.13  /  Gameplays: 16943
Bring all the stars of the old wizard, riding on his motorcycle. Be careful, you run the risk of broken stone on the steep cliffs! Go back in time to the old man, with all the stars. Take it as soon as possible to get bonus points, in return for which you will be able to upgrade your bike. But if you are late even for a second, then lose!

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2016.03.11 - 17:08
Hmmm i guess this game is okay, but gets boring for a while, but i love the background and when it sets in Asia! Also i love the artwork and also this game knows whats to do! The music fits in this game. Its so easy and fun! There should be upgrades on the transport scooter like paint or change it... like a motorbike! or bicycle. The old game from 2012 and its still cool! However this game is not popular in playspal :(
2016.02.29 - 00:06
2014.05.04 - 19:27
Fast game, and nice. 5/5
2014.03.31 - 15:20
I love this game i receve 3 badges and i completed all levels its a bit hard on last level i always fall off and die and then i keep practising then im done!
2013.06.29 - 04:24
I forgot how good this game was, very weird though.
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