Top Racing
Top Racing

Top Racing

Date released: 2012.12.10  /  Gameplays: 34443
Top view racing competition. In this game you have you have the opportunity to face the enemy on four different maps. Collect money on the way to improve your performance, then you will be able to reach the finish line first!

Review of Top Racing: 5-star rating: 4.6 Difficulty: Hard Type: Driving A fun racing game where you must compete with other races and to finish before them. Make sure to collect all the coins(I did what JakobM did, do level 1 over and over again to upgrade everything). A pretty fun challenging game by playspal. (c) Rychip

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2016.02.27 - 12:01
Bug at extra levels. Please fix it.
2015.12.27 - 21:09
sup man$
2015.03.01 - 16:26

2015.03.01 - 16:26
2014.10.04 - 13:37
Well this game is not partically well because the controls are a bit crazy but its a bit good to challenge 4 players on the easy levels but not on hard levels and the backround needs to be a bit exciting but playspal people you just think about this too? well it maybe has to do something with it but a great little game 3/5 :)
2014.09.29 - 07:18
I dont like this game the cars are cheating and this game is a dumb 2/10

2014.09.29 - 07:22
and this is not top racing because the controls are bad and its silly to fail when your 3rd or 2nd
2014.07.22 - 21:52
(._.’) Hello!
2014.05.27 - 12:42
I like the game its so cool!
2014.05.04 - 20:00
Best racing game, i like this 10/5!!#!
2014.04.23 - 18:32
awesome twists
2014.04.23 - 17:36
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