Jelly Tower: Planets
Jelly Tower: Planets

Jelly Tower: Planets

Date released: 2013.07.04  /  Gameplays: 16100
Another set of levels to play Jelly Tower. You now have the opportunity to build a tower made ​​of droplets of jelly on planets such as Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and uranium from the comfort of home! The task - to get to the tops of towers in the game well, and wait for the check for the stability of your building. Do not forget that the number of items is limited to jelly! Take this badge for every conquered planet.

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Jelly uranus
Jelly uranus
Complete 3 levels in uranus season
Jelly saturn
Jelly saturn
Complete 3 levels in saturn season
Jelly jupiter
Jelly jupiter
Complete 3 levels in jupiter season
Jelly mars
Jelly mars
Complete 3 levels in mars season

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2016.12.20 - 21:59
How do we ad games to our "favorites".?
2014.05.04 - 20:56
Nice game 5/5
2013.06.27 - 06:34
Playspal fixed Jelly Saturn badge!
2013.06.26 - 19:28
Playspal has now fixed Jelly Uranus!
2013.06.26 - 19:27
Well I got jelly Uranus(=O)but for some reason I didn’t receive Jelly Saturn.
2013.06.14 - 23:01
Jelly Saturn badge still broken
2013.06.08 - 02:35
I never got Jelly saturn badge?What is going on with he badge system? I am supposed to have 172 badges right now, please fix whatever bug this is
2012.12.04 - 20:44
I too completed Jelly saturn - medium, 25 points badge but did not get the badge. That sucks!
2012.10.13 - 00:05
I completed 3 levels in saturn session, but I didn’t have the badge...why?;) (It’s my favourite planet..:( )
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