Jelly Tower: Seasons
Jelly Tower: Seasons

Jelly Tower: Seasons

Date released: 2013.06.28  /  Gameplays: 14264
A new set of levels to the game Jelly Tower. Build towers at different times of the year, reach the level mark on the game board to complete the level and earn bonus points by using the least amount of drops of jelly. Do not forget that the number of items for the construction is limited. Wait a few seconds after contact between the upper parts of the tower with holes to test the stability of the building. Get a badge for each season passed. Enjoy the game!

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Jelly winter
Jelly winter
Complete 3 levels in winter season
Jelly autumn
Jelly autumn
Complete 3 levels in autumn season
Jelly summer
Jelly summer
Complete 3 levels in summer season
Jelly spring
Jelly spring
Complete 3 levels in spring season

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2013.06.27 - 06:35
Playspal got Jelly autumn fixed! Thanks playspal!
2013.06.27 - 04:40
Very strange, today I completed all levels of both Jelly four seasons and jelly planets and with both I received the badge for completing extra levels(little fact: in both games playing the first extra level gives you the badge, but completed all of those anyone, they are incredibly easy).

2013.06.27 - 04:40
but still missing the hardest badges(jelly autumn and jelly Saturn) hope you guys can fix this soon!

2013.06.27 - 04:42
both games are the exact same thing I would like to mention :D both are still fun though.
2013.06.07 - 00:57
Just had game restarted, still not earning jelly autumn :(
2013.06.02 - 19:29
Completed Jelly Autumn didn’t get badge, extremely fustrating
2013.01.08 - 21:05
I completed summer and winder but did not get badges for them...
2012.11.23 - 18:03
Please call me exactly what you want to tel my. Only then can l ash you!
2012.10.13 - 00:03
I completed 3 levels in autumn, but I didn’t have the badge...why? ;)
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