Mega Breaker
Mega Breaker

Mega Breaker

Date released: 2013.06.17  /  Gameplays: 122190
Driving a platform on wheels you need to beat all bricks on every level. If you beat a few bricks in a row, the combo mode is activated which multiplies your score. When the ball is flying too fast, the bricks explode.

Review of Mega Breaker: 5-star rating: 4.5 Type: Skills Difficulty: Hard This is an incredibly hard game, yet this game is actually pretty good in my opinion. Take control of your skateboardcar2wheeler..... whatever that thing is and try to beat down all of the blocks. You must be careful though, young grasshopper, you must not let it touch the ground! Also get a combo or two while you can. (c) Rychip

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Mega combo
Mega combo
Make x12 combo
Hard combo
Hard combo
Make x8 combo
Easy combo
Easy combo
Make x4 combo
Mega Break
Mega Break
Complete all levels
Hard Break
Hard Break
Complete 7 levels
Simple break
Simple break
Complete 3 levels

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2013.06.25 - 18:39
2013.06.21 - 00:03
Nice game !

2013.06.22 - 12:57
You must enjoy the agony of defeat :)

2014.04.23 - 17:47
uhh.. nice sound
2013.06.20 - 20:40
Wow, this game isn’t just challenging, it’s brutal. Simple physics simulation on top of a breakout clone really makes it a lot harder. It’s not just that that makes it so brutal though. When you drop the ball, you have to start the entire level from the beginning. Most games of this type have extra lives, and I think in this kind of game it’s a really vital feature, mostly because it can be so hard. Particularly in this version where the ball is less predictable, losing the ball can be really frustrating if you’ve already spent a lot of time on a level and you only have a few blocks left. Don’t get me wrong, I had fun, but I think I would have enjoyed it more and got frustrated less with a couple of extra lives.

2013.06.22 - 12:57
I agree!
2013.06.18 - 20:14
If you could add mouse control over the platform this game would be much better.
2013.06.18 - 20:09
Wow.. the controls on this game suck. Almost as bad as the balancing robot game! Thumbs DOWN on this one...

2013.09.22 - 05:24
agreed, and I hate that game too.
2013.06.18 - 10:56
good game
2013.06.18 - 10:55
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