Throw The Head
Throw The Head

Throw The Head

Date released: 2013.01.20  /  Gameplays: 33450
Help to a headless friends! Throw them your own head. Hold down the left mouse button to select the direction of flight of the head, but the important thing is that she got into the hands of the unfortunate, because he will not be able to catch it.

good game. funny graphism, the music is stressful after 30 second, but the gameplay is interessing, it’s a bilboquet-like and the satisfaction to put head on body is same when you score at basket ball. there is just a bug with sound when a head stay long time on a platform. It s not so easy to aim for bodies but after 3 or 4 level it’s ok. with is 8 levels the game is quikly done. (c) alien_surfer

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Three heads
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2013.08.04 - 22:54
Well this is going to be funny.
2013.07.13 - 07:29
This is a very good game
2013.06.30 - 20:19
Review of Throw The Head: 5-star rating: 3.9 Difficulty: Easy This game used to not award the easiest badge, but has now been fixed. The game is pretty fun. The objective is to literally, throw your head to your friends. Here’s the problem, your head always grows back, but your friends are headless! You got to help them out! Fun game, pretty easy to me, but it’s pretty good.
2013.06.18 - 01:44
Beautiful, it’s fixed. I didn’t even need to go for one head again. Thanks for fixing this bug.
2013.06.17 - 00:15
I was ^playing this game and i got "Ocean of water" from Adventure of Water Drop LOL

2013.06.17 - 01:48
thanks! i fix it soon

2013.06.17 - 23:25
fixed. replay last level to earn "three heads"
2013.06.14 - 15:53
LOL!!!!!!!!! i got the second and the last Bandage but not the the First bandage!!!!!!!!!!
2013.06.14 - 05:57
I never knew I had so many heads, you learn something new every day.
2013.06.13 - 02:52
One Head badge still needs to be fixed
2013.06.07 - 22:48
This game is bizarre! I think I was laughing the whole time I was playing. The concept is just so surreal. My friends don’t have heads, and mine just keeps growing back. So here I am, throwing my head at my headless friends and yelling at them because they suck at catching. I’m a terrible friend. I’m like, "Hey, you could have caught that! You suck! Keep your eyes on my head, oh wait, you don’t have eyes because you don’t have a head!" This is awesome!

2013.06.07 - 22:49
One other thing, the badges seem to be messed up. I got the second one instead of the first, the third instead of the second, and then instead of the third, I got a badge from some completely different game.
2013.06.02 - 07:58
-_- did not receive the first badge.
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